HS09- XLR (Male) to 1/4" (TS) eight channel snake

HS09- XLR (Male) to 1/4" (TS) eight channel snake


Our XLR (M) to 1/4" mono eight channel snake is fairly unique. It offers users the ability to patch between 1/4" mono equipment and XLR equipment without clutter. The snake wires pins 1 and 3 of the XLR together to the 1/4" connector's shield while the XLR's pin 2 is wired the 1/4" tip. This allows users to patch pedals or synthesizer modules into XLR equipment or microphones into 1/4" equipment. By using mono 1/4" connectors, the HS09 snake is slightly cheaper than the HS10 snake which uses balanced 1/4" connectors. This provides a cheaper alternative to users who don't need a balanced 1/4" connection.

Snake Length (Feet)
1/4" Connectors


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