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Here at Harpoon Cables, we are committed to being your one-stop-shop for all your cable needs. Therefore, we are proud to offer our custom cable service. Whether you want an esoteric connection or just an exact cable length, we will be happy to build your custom cable. 


Our custom cable division works daily to fulfill orders so typical lead times are very short. We work with a large number of suppliers in order to get the parts for our custom cables as quickly as possible. 


Use the automated field below to start creating your custom cable. Choose connectors, cable type, cable color, heat shrink color, and cable length. Once you submit your cable, one of our representatives will get in touch in order to let you know the price and lead time of your specific cable. 


We are also happy to create user specific cables for connecting various pieces of equipment. If there is a connection you need, email us at and we will do the research to create a cable that makes your old gear talk to your new gear and vise versa. 


If you are not quite sure about which connection or cable you need, feel free to email us at so we can assist you in coming up with your perfect cable. 

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