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Harpoon Audio L.L.C. does not relate customer information to any individual, vendor, company, third party entity, trade group, or any outside organization without the direct authorization of the customer or if we are required by law to provide this information. 


Our delivery times vary depending on the availability of individual components. Most often, a product ships within two business days of ordering. If a lead time exceeds two weeks, we will contact the customer and inform them of the projected ship date. 


Orders must be paid in full prior to shipping of goods. All payments must be made in US funds. 


We are required to collect sales tax for any customer residing in the state of Texas. The tax rate we collect is determined by the city and county that Harpoon Audio resides. Taxes for Texas customers will automatically be added to the transaction at the checkout stage. The customer is responsible for any duties and taxes that their state imposes.


We accept orders from international customers on a regular basis. However, we do not have set shipping and handling rates for international orders. If you would like to purchase internationally, please contact us at so we can accommodate you. 


We offer technical support on all of our products. Please feel free to email us at so we can answer your inquiry.


We offer a 14 day no-nonsense return policy if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. Simply put your product back in the box in which it was shipped and send it to us along with an email to outlining the reason for your return. Upon receiving your shipment, we will refund your credit card for the price of the product minus shipping. 


We offer repair services for all of our cables. If your cable is out of warranty, please contact us through so we can send you a repair estimate. 


If the product is damaged upon arrival, you must contact us within 7 days so we can make a claim with the shipping agency. Please contact us at Failure to contact us within 7 days will result in us treating the damaged product as a repair. 


Harpoon Audio L.L.C. and its Subsidiary Harpoon Cables shall not be held liable for any incidental, consequential, or direct damages or expenses associated with the use or misuse of its products. Harpoon Audio L.L.C, and its subsidiary Harpoon Cables, does not guarantee that any of its products are designed for any particular use or purpose. The entire risk of suitability and performance of all its products lies with the user. Products manufactured and/or sold by Harpoon Audio L.L.C. and its subsidiary Harpoon Cables are not authorized for use as critical components in devices used in life support and other systems whose failure or performance could result in compromised safety or danger to life or property.  


Harpoon Audio L.L.C and its subsidiary Harpoon Cables warranties our products for a length of one year from date of purchase. Should a product fail to be in good working order during the aforementioned one year period, Harpoon Audio L.L.C. will repair or replace the product at no additional cost to the customer. This warranty does not apply to any product tampered with, modified, or in any way changed by the customer. To obtain warranty service, please contact us at in order to obtain a warranty slip. We will then send you instructions on how to return your product to us. You, as the customer, agree to pre-pay shipping charges which will then be refunded after inspection of the product to insure no customer-related modifications have been performed on the product. If the product is indeed not in good working order, the outcome shall be repair or replacement. In no event will Harpoon Audio L.L.C. or its subsidiary Harpoon Cables be liable for damages including any lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use this product. 


In the event of a warranty repair or swap out, the customer must pay the shipping charges which will then be refunded to the customer. We limit our payment of shipping charges to that of UPS ground inside the continental U.S. The customer is responsible for any shipping charges exceeding that amount. The customer is responsible for any and all shipping charges on out-of-warranty repairs. 

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