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Synthesizer Module Utility Extender

Synthesizer Module Utility Extender


Extend your 70hp Behringer synth modules like the "D", "Wasp", and "Cat" to 80hp with this handy utility extender. 


These easy-to-install extenders were designed so that all of your modules adhere to the same size standard for use in tiered rack systems.


Besides just extending your modules, this unit also provides you with three 1/8" (3.5mm) mults- essential for any modular system. 


The three mults can either be used individually (switch down) or can be paired together (switch up). 


Although these extenders were designed to extend your 70hp mopdules to 80hp, you can use these to add extra functionality to any of your behrniger modules.



*Module is completley passive and does not require any power. 

*Mults feature high quality Switchcraft 3.5mm jacks

*4 mounting screws are included


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