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HY03- 1/8 (TRS) to 1/4 (TS) "Y" Cable

HY03- 1/8 (TRS) to 1/4 (TS) "Y" Cable


Our 1/8" stereo to 1/4" mono Y cable was designed to split a 1/8" stereo connection into two 1/4" mono connections. It is perfect for connecting all your small stereo devices such as tablets, computers, phones, and iPods, into 1/4 inputs or for combining two 1/4" channels into a stereo 1/8" connection.

*Our Y cables use the red heat shrink to denote "ring" and the white heat shrink to denote "tip". Likewise, the red heat shrink corresponds to the right channel and the white heat shrink to the left channel on a stereo connection. Please note that although this is a standard color scheme, some manufacturers may place the left channel on the ring connection instead. Consult your device's manual to ensure proper orientation.

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